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You Can Judge a 2600 By Its Cover

If you’ve joined us at the museum to do any accessioning you know how carefully we assess artifacts when they come to us. Part of that assessment is noting any specific differences within types of artifacts […]

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Sears Tele-games Super Pong IV

Sometimes where we get an artifact – its provenance – is as important as the artifact itself or adds importance to an already interesting item. That’s the case with this Tele-games Super Pong IV. While researching […]

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DGM Becomes a TARDIS – with your help

This month, DGM is taking its direction from Dr. Who’s TARDIS. The TARDIS is said to be “dimensionally transcendental,” so it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. That’s what we need because the spiraling rents […]

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Kryoflux and DGM: A Preservation Partnership

While we usually stress the preservation of artifacts over code, there are times when we receive a rare or unique physical artifact which also contains a digital aspect that should also be preserved. To meet the […]

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A New Exhibit!

The year is 1972: people are wearing bell-bottoms and flower power prints, Ms. magazine starts regular publication, the Volkswagen Beetle becomes the most popular car in history, and parents are about to start telling kids that […]

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Is your company interested in helping DGM preserve the stories of gaming history? Become a corporate sponsor! Benefits i ...
Who’s a Gamer?
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A recent visit to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation found me chatting with one of the elderly volunteers who always staff ...
The Amazing Joust Odyssey
October 8, 2015  //  1 Comment
Whenever you see a knight with a lance riding an ostrich, you know there’s a Joust reference coming up. And this s ...
Coming Events (June 2016)
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Volunteer events for DGM are suspended while we continue to work on our remodel. If you are a returning volunteer, conta ...

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